Malaysia Airlines Flight 370???

What do you think happened?

Type aircraft- Boeing 777

Souls on Board- 227 passengers  12 crew

Here’s the Wiki on it for reference.

I know my readership has a wealth of aviation knowledge and the crash is rife with speculation.  I invite you to post your theory.

The current theories include:

  • Terrorism
  • Pilot suicide
  • Fire
  • Loss of cabin pressure

In My Humble Opinion

The initial turn to the West lines the flight plan to the nearest usable runway. If the aircraft sustained a mechanical causality the primary concern of the Captain is to put the aircraft down as soon as possible.  Historically, the quickest problem pilots have been trained to react to is fire.  You can fly with one engine.  The controlled turn eliminates the flight controls.  That leaves me with “Fire”.

There were no frantic cell phone calls from the 227 passengers.  How do you incapacitate all those people? If you dump the cabin pressure, the masks would drop and alert the cabin crew and they would do their protocol.  Why didn’t they grab someone’s phone and call it in?

There is a precedence for a “Ghost Flight”. Helios Airways Flight 522  crashed on 14 August 2005 when the cabin pressure switch was left in manual instead of auto.  Hypoxia befuddled the pilots as they were bombarded with warning messages.  The masks dropped in the cabin and one of the cabin crew got to the portable oxygen.  The aircrew never did and they died.  After 12 minutes, the passengers joined them.  The autopilot took the aircraft to its destination and orbited the city until fuel starvation downed the jet.  The flight attendant made it to the cockpit and struggled with the radios trying to contact the fighter aircraft that intercepted him.  His oxygen bottle ran out and he died as well.

Does Flight 370  sound familiar?

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