Lunch with Santa

We went to Denny’s for lunch. It was Rosie’s seventh birthday and she got to pick. She was getting a little rowdy and on a trip to the bathroom I pointed out this man having lunch. He had a long white beard and was wearing a red lumberjack shirt and suspenders.

“Watch it,” I said to her. “Santa’s having lunch”.

That cooled her heels until it was time to pay the bill. As it happened guy with beard was walking up to pay his bill. I pointed and said, “Settle down. See, he’s coming.”

Then something wonderful happened.

Without a word between us, he turned and said, “You’re Rosie, aren’t you?”

Rosie froze in her tracks.

“Come here”, said Santa.

He then whipped a little card out and began writing in it. On no! Busted by Santa!

He then handed the card to her.

It was an autographed picture. Signed “Santa”.

I was just staring with wonderment. What a nice guy. He then handed me a card. It was Santa’s Nevada driver’s license.

What a nice guy.

When we went to the car I noticed a little red Suzuki parked next to our car. It was bright fire engine red with silver trim. What really got my attention was the window sticker pointing to the passenger side. It read, “ELF”.

Now I was hooked. Taking a closer look, the plate said, “O SANTA”.
There was a bumper sticker that read…

“Be nice. I’m watching you.”

The Magic of Santa- Rosie asks THE Question.

3 thoughts on “Lunch with Santa

  1. Glad to see that Santa is alive and well. It is moments like these that remind us that we all make our own magic in the world…and maybe a little for those around us sometimes too…

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