Love Should be Multiplied Not Divided

baby-clothes-clipart-black-In 1963,  a mother puts her daughter  up for adoption.

In 1979,  that child puts her daughter up for adoption.

In 2014, her child seeks to adopt.

The thread flowing through this story is Love.  The greatest event in a woman’s life is to give birth.  The greatest challenge in a woman’s life is to choose to give that child to another.

To accept that child as your own is Love.  It is a decision that ripples out and touches everyone.  God willing, the man in her life accepts to be willfully, joyfully, Lovingly  cuckolded.  To raise another man child as his own.  Without question.  Without reservation.

Can there be a greater gift in Life?

Rather than endure of life of poverty or lack of Love, the child is surrounded by people who choose to Love them.  Many children are created by thoughtlessness.  Their birth right, neglect.  Many languish in a foster system that lacks compassion.  Still others are discarded like trash.  Adoption for them is a gateway to Love.

Love should be multiplied, not divided.  The ripple of that decision sweeps over siblings, parents and friends.  As when the birth of a child sweeps through lives, should not adoption do the same?  Yes. YES!

In adoption as in birth, there can only be acceptance.  That the child be healthy, have ten fingers and toes and maybe good spelling grades.


6 thoughts on “Love Should be Multiplied Not Divided

  1. This is absolutely, without a doubt, the most beautiful thing you’ve ever written. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. XOXO

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