Lost Dog-Needs Rescue

Some heartless bastard didn’t want a dog anymore and dumped it at a gas station. A gas station I happen to use. It’s the Chevron station in Indian Springs, Nevada. It has been hanging around since about Halloween and is skittish as hell. Animal Control will come out and dart her (him?) and dispose of him.

Maybe a Black Lab. Medium sized.

The dog needs to be caught and saved. If you see her(?), give it the old college try. Your reward will be in Heaven. If you catch her and can’t keep her, talk to the folks in the Chevron. We have volunteers that will take her in.

2 thoughts on “Lost Dog-Needs Rescue

  1. Oh no! The apartment complex I lived in years ago had a field next to it. A field that heartless jerks thought was named DROP YOUR CAT HERE AND DRIVE AWAY.

    It was sad and sucky. At least our SPCA was no-kill.

  2. What really sucks is that the dog practically jumped into my car back in October. But I didn’t know she was a stray when I drove off.

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