Liberal Media Clueless as GOP Sweeps Senate

I have to admit that on election night I was switching from Fox News to CNN for comedy relief.

The Communist News Network,

The Communist Broadcasting System.

The All Barrack Channel.


We won’t mention NBC.

Watch these to see the leftie Obamaphiles melt down as the returns come in.

CNN- “This election isn’t over.”





Tom Brokaw claims no ‘Big Ideological’ win for GOP.

CNN- “Math is too hard for Democrats”.




Progressives on MSLSD say the “Good News” is Dems lost now so that they can win in 2016.

Chuck Todd says it’s not a wave. No wait…maybe it is.

Alison Grimes loses on purpose to win in 2016.

ABC still fighting the War on Women.

Hillary WINS 2014 election!

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