Just Who is Protesting in Ferguson?

The Communists are in Ferguson Mo.  Why am I not Surprised.  With the Left taking a defeat in the mid term elections, Communists take to the streets in a move right out of the Communist Manifesto.

“Today Marxists embrace the rising tide of strikes and occupations, protests and struggles against redundancy and pay cuts. We support the anti-globalisation struggles, the environmentalists’ struggles, the anti-capitalist protests, the anti-war protests – all the struggles against injustices which affect working people’s lives.”- Read More.

The groundwork has already been laid well in advance.  Minority voters have been extremely loyal to the Democrats for decades, and at this point the agenda of the Democratic Party compares very favorably to the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.

Blacks have taken to the streets in Ferguson Mo, but Communists are provoking the violence against the police and National Guard.   Outside the courthouse in Ferguson on Friday, a crowd of protesters was overheard chanting this phrase over and over: “The only solution is a communist revolution“.  Paul Hampel, a reporter with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, said on Twitter that Communist Party members led Friday night’s protest while disseminating literature for their cause. “A century later,” he said in another tweet, “a Trotsky-esque plea toward National Guard troops: ‘turn the guns around and shoot the bosses down.'”


Larry Everest of the Revolution Newspaper calls for “Energetic Civil Disobedience”.


This is the paper Larry Everest writes for
This is the paper Larry Everest writes for


Members of The Revolutionary Communist Party have been spotted in Ferguson.  They easy to spot because they’re wearing the T Shirts.  They even provide a pdf on their website if you want to make your own shirt.  I guess that being “Good Communists” they aren’t selling shirts for profit.

Commies in front of Ferguson Mickey D's.
Commies in front of Ferguson Mickey D’s.

Main street media has been treating the Ferguson protestors as a single group and while Blacks are upset about the shooting and perceived injustice just who is throwing the Molotov cocktails?  Just who is burning Black businesses? Blacks are being called stupid for destroying Black businesses.  Could “smart” Communists be burning businesses to incite “Energetic Civil Disobedience” in the Black Community in Ferguson and around the country?


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