John Rankin Wants to be Your Friend

This a SCAM ALERT, so if you’re on Facebook you should really read this.


I’m on facebook too and since I run a fan page for this blog I get a lot of friend requests.  If I don’t know the person off hand I look at their page and see if anyone else I know has them as a friend.  If we have become “facebook friends” through a spirited string of comments I’ll friend you.

Recently I got a friend request from “John Rankin”.  The last name sounded familiar so I gave it attention.  After looking at John’s page and seeing no one I knew I became suspicious.  There was very little on his page to describe him.  I put his friend request on hold.


That was a couple of days ago.  I woke up today at about 2 AM.  I think my CPAP machine had stopped working.  Anyway.  I grabbed a glass of milk and checked my facebook waiting to go back to sleep.  Then I got a facebook messenger ping on my cell. It was from John Rankin.  Weird.  I checked my chat box and my “friend” John was chatting with me.  I HAD NOT ACCEPTED HIS FRIEND REQUEST BUT THERE HE WAS.  Below is the chat.  It’s a huge picture so wait for it to load and scroll through it to the bottom and I’ll have more words when you get there.



I thought I was chatting with a robot and am not convinced I wasn’t.  Needless to say, John hung up on me.  Who’d a thunk? I hope this has helped you and spread the word.  I Googled “Facebook Promo Scam” and I see that others have been phished.  Please leave comment below.  Feel free to visit our Facebook Fan Page at the links on the right and like us.

2 thoughts on “John Rankin Wants to be Your Friend

  1. Repost from Facebook:
    I have suddenly gotten a lot of friend requests lately. Mostly people that I don’t know with no friends in common and new facebook accounts but one sounded interesting. Immediate message asking if I was single. No. Then more questions about where do you live, etc. My respone was you don’t know me and haven’t even bothered to find out about me so bye bye. Unfriended. Unfollowed. Then I got a request from someone working for facebook. delete request. I guess I need to go clean out that file.

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