John Edwards Flames Out on YouTube

This is an interview that John Edwards did for YouTube. He has a nice go of it until the “Shotgun Round”. It comes near the end of the interview. Pay close attention to his answers….

This is how the “Shotgun Round” went:
To each issue he was to answer if he thought it was a Right or a Privilege.

A College Education: Right.
Health Care: Right.
A Livable Wage: Right.
Owning a handgun: Privilege.
American Citizenship for someone not born here,
but has worked here for one year:
Access to the Internet: Right.

How did he do?

1. Nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights are citizens granted the Right to a college education. It has always been a privilege. Although in a Communist State, everyone has a Right to an education.

2. Once again, the Constitution and Bill of Rights do not mention health care. Universal health care is a Right in a Communist or Socialist State.

3. Strike Three. Sorry John, the Bill of Rights does not guarantee a livable wage. However, Communism provides work for everyone. You just might not like the job assigned to you in a “Worker’s Paradise”.

4. The Second Amendment to the Constitution states:
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
Sorry John, owning a handgun is a Right. It’s that pesky “shall not be infringed” clause. Everyone overlooks that point. In that nothing and they meant nothing can be done by the government to restrict the ownership of firearms. In that an armed citizenship cannot be subdued by the Government by force of arms. You know, like in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. If (big if) John Edwards is elected President we all will know he’s lying when he swears to defend the Constitution for all enemies, foreign and domestic.

5. He says he thinks that people not born in this country should earn their citizenship. Thinks? Come on John, think hard. ….. Ooops, time’s up. It is a Right of everyone born in America to be granted the Right of Citizenship and be protected by the Bill of Rights. If you immigrate to this country you must renounce your former citizenship and EARN the PRIVILEGE to become an American citizen by adopting our laws, our customs, our language (while it’s still English) and swear allegiance to this country. My Mom had to, so everyone else has to.

6. Access to the Internet? Who is smoking what? That one is so stupid, I’m at a loss of words. Sure I’m enjoying access to the Internet right now and so are you for that matter. But a Right? If he thinks that access to the Internet should be a Right then so should driving a car. No licenses, no age limits, no tests. Here’s the keys, have at it. Maybe he’s hinting that access to the pornography available on the Internet is a Right.

Maybe he just doesn’t know the difference between a Right and a Privilege? That’s reassuring as we elect him to protect our Rights under the Constitution. John Edwards destroyed his chance to become our President in a mere 34 seconds. Unless of course the electorate doesn’t know the difference either.

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