Jerry’s Secret Phone Number

Jerry has a SECRET phone where you can get Gobs of CASH! Not. Yeah, it’s a scam but we posted the flyer we got in the mail. It’s hilarious.


  • Not one dime is required.
  • Do not reveal Jerry’s Secret Phone Number to anyone or Jerry will kill me.
  • Send your payment of $…
  • For sixty bucks you get TWO MORE NUMBERS.

Leave your favorite part in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Jerry’s Secret Phone Number

  1. I got the same flyer and the funny things, the address where you send your payment to0 is about 10 minutes away from where I live. It’s a Post Arena locations where you can send/ship things and offers a Post Office Box. Total Scam

  2. If I lived that close I would send in the flyer and everything but not put the money or stamps in it and go watch and see who picks it up at that address then I would grab them and stand on there head while I called the cops, how come the cops dont arrest somebody for this?

  3. I received the same SCAM news letter. Thanks but I got scammed about a grant. I was lucky they got caught when they went to pick up the mail. I received my money back. Now I know better. I try to research before I send anything.

  4. I got this flyer sitting right here front of me I received it twice I’m glad I’m smarter than the average bear didn’t seen this joke dumb One thin dime

  5. I get a flyer just like you and fill it out ready to send money and 3 book of stamps.and I went to do some research.and I read that it was a scan.if I catch that muses I would grab him by his throat and squeeze the helll out of him.

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