Jackie Goes to the Vet

Our Boston Terrier, Jackie had to go to the vet today 🙁

She’s got some wicked claws and it’s a three man job to get them cut.  To control them naturally, she and I were walking every morning.  Then we had a “killer dog” loose in the park.  It was jumping the piece of shit fence and roaming at will with it’s evil little sidekick  chihuahua.   It had already killed a neighbor’s dog and  had me pinned in the car one night when we pulled into the driveway to find this monster trying to get through our fence and at Jackie.

So needless to say walking was out and her nails grew out.  Her right rear paw had one nail curl back and embed itself into the pad of the toe.  While trying to figure out how to cut it, there was some swelling.  Sunday we noticed signs of infection.

I called her vet this morning and we got a 2:30 appointment.  Jamie was going to run her in.  By noon, Jamie was showing signs of stress and I called into work to be able to go with her.  She had never had Jackie in the car by herself and was worried about everything.  As it turned out it was a good decision for dog and wife that I went.

Jackie going to the doctor.

Jackie always wants to go for a ride and gets real excited by the whole process.  She sat on Jamie’s lap on the way down the highway.  When we got off at Flamingo Blvd she got a whiff of all those city dogs and cats.  The cars. The trees. She went ape shit.  Mama Jamie kept her in her lap and prevented Jackie from jumping out of the window or into the driver’s seat with me.

We got to the Flamingo Pet Clinic early enough for a girl to go potty before her doctor’s appointment.  After we checked in, Mom went outside for a stress relieving smoke while Dad stayed with Jackie.

Jackie waiting for the Doctor.
Jackie waiting for the Doctor.


Jackie was still excited and I was channeling the Dog Whisperer to keep her calm.  It was working right until the Macaw in the next room started screaming. Ever the Socialite, Jackie barked answers back to the bird.  I had her calmed down again and almost snooziing when  Doctor Ely came in.  He was really nice and after a quick check up Jackie was off to get her toe fixed.  Dad could wait with Mom.  After about 20 minutes Jackie was ready to go home.  She had a bandage on her footie and when I first saw it I thought it was soaked in blood.  No worries.  It’s a sock.

Jackie rocking her footwear and Cone of Shame.
Jackie rocking her footwear and Cone of Shame.


Jackie’s Doctor Kelton J. Ely ROCKS!!

Many thanks to Doctor Kelton J. Ely and the staff at:

The Flamingo Pet Clinic

2675 East Flamingo Road Suite 1

Las Vegas, Nevada 89121




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