It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Football

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are on LOGO so football must be coming.
The LOGO Channel airing “Making the Team 8” which is a rerun of the team tryouts for 2013 but it’s the DCC so what’s there not like? And what is the DCC doing on the LOGO Channel anyway, shouldn’t be on ESPN or something? I’m being judgmental American but I’m not going to lie either, part of the fun of watching this show is thinking about how many ladies are rooting for their favorite new girl while rubbing one out.


It is fun watching the girls fight for a spot on the squad with ambience of an Indian knife fight. The pressure and competition ranks right up there with the Navy SEALs without the wet and sandy part. But come to think of it, that wouldn’t be a bad addition to making the cut.



There’s the dancing and the kicking and more dancing and more kicking the questions and answers too. Especially the answers.
Q: Who’s the Vice-President of the United States?
A: O’Biden.
Q: Who’s your favorite Dallas Cowboy?
A: De Mark Moore? Morey? Demarcus Morey?
It’s okay probably he can’t say your name either.

They get injured.

Tessa goes down with a knee injury.
Tessa goes down with a knee injury.

Courtney Cook (my fav) went home for “personal problems” in 2013 to “be with family”.  What happened?  Rumor has it she makes a return this season so watch “Making the Team”.

They do it all for $150 a week.

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