ISIS in Las Vegas

Surprise, surprise, ISIS was in the hotel room.

The information briefed to members of Congress includes a hotel receipt that suggests 3 additional individuals who have ties to Guanajuato, Mexico participated in the Las Vegas Shooting and came in through the US Mexican border, despite the FBI’s claim that Stephen Paddock acted alone and that the shooting was not a coordinated act of terrorism. The receipt shows that a man by the name of German Torres Moreno rented a hotel room at the Knotty Pine Motel in North Las Vegas on September 29 throughout October 1, 2017, the day of the Las Vegas Shooting. Moreno checked into the hotel with his driver’s license, which was traced back to Guanajuato, Mexico. Guanajuato is of significance, because it is where Mexican Military Intelligence discovered an ISIS recruiter in 2015.

The ISIS newsletter described the shooter as a 64 year old male, Stephen Paddock’s age, referred to the killer with the Islamic name, Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki, and claimed the man had converted to Islam exactly six months prior to the attack.

Want a reason to read this blog?  I posted this back in  .

AR-15 vs, AK-47

On day one, I said that there were two or more weapons being fired.  I felt that Paddock was a patsy.  He was there to sell weapons.  What a handy way to get someone to bring weapons to the room.  He was shot first and then someone (the three women?) began to shoot.  ISIS claims that Paddock converted to Islam.  The Warren Commission said Oswald had no ties to the FBI or CIA. [mic drop]

We’ll continue to follow this story  until the truth comes out.

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