Is Saudi Arabia and the MOSSAD Teaming Up to Hit Obama?

To begin with, I want to say that I in no way agree with or condone the assassination of President Obama.  I am reporting on events and statements which are appearing on the Internet.

The Saudi Position

Excerpted from Fox News: Arabs don’t trust Obama either.

As 2013 ends, President Obama has lost credibility with many people who trusted him at the start of the year. Thanks to the debacle, polls find support for the president among women and independents has dropped to the lowest ebb of his presidency. Obama’s words — promising Americans they could keep their doctors under his health care plan — didn’t match his deeds.

Surprisingly, the same thing is happening on the other side of the world among Arabs in the Middle East and for the same reason.

Too often, Obama’s speeches and actions don’t match.

“We are glad the Americans are here,” said Ahmed al-Ibrahim, an adviser to some of Saudi Arabia’s royals and officials, when I met with him recently, “but we fear that the president has lost credibility after Syria.”

The Saudi official is referring to Obama’s “red line” vow of military action if the Syrian dictator Bashir Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. Assad did and Obama didn’t. Saudi officials were stunned.

Next came the revelation earlier this year that Obama was secretly negotiating with Iran, the mortal enemy of both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Officials in both nations have told me that they simply don’t believe that the president can sweet-talk the mullahs out of the weapons they have coveted for years.

“The bond of trust between America and Saudi Arabia has been broken in the Obama years,” al-Ibrahim said. “We feel we have been stabbed in the back by Obama.”

“Every time that Obama had to choose between his enemies and his friends, he always chose his enemies,” he said. “We don’t know what he’s putting in his tea.”

Al-Ibrahim also pointed to Obama’s “dangerous inaction” during violent Iran-backed uprisings in Bahrain, and now his negotiations with Iran, and his separate, secret negotiations with Iran’s terrorist proxy Hezbollah. Since American officials cannot legally negotiate with terrorist groups and Hezbollah is a State Department-listed terror organization, the administration has been using British diplomats to carry messages to Hezbollah. The Obama administration reportedly favors a “warm up to a direct relationship in the future” with Hezbollah. Keep reading


The Israeli Position

As Reported by Wayne Madsen
Fred Burton, Stratfor’s vice president for intelligence, reveals that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is an intelligence source for Stratfor. However, the e-mails sent by Burton strongly indicate that Stratfor, which was founded by pro-Israeli businessman George Friedman; Netanyahu, and Mossad are of the same mindset when it comes to a perception that President Barack Obama is a threat to Israel.
However, the most important statement is Burton’s comment, keeping in mind that Netanyahu was passing on to Burton the strategic thinking of Mossad, that “I think they [Mossad] will assassinate A-Dogg. His helo will have a malfunction.”
On March 9, 2010, Netanyahu, during a ceremony in Jerusalem, handed visiting Vice President a frame of broken glass with the comment, “I have one thing to offer you right now, and it’s broken glass.” Biden was hit with shards of glass from the broken frame. It was an ominous warning to the vice president.

AJT Obama Mossad


When President Lincoln was shot it is now known that John Wilkes Booth was hired by no less than  four groups.

  • The Confederacy
  • Northern Bankers
  • Radical Republicans in Congress
  • Secretary of War Stanton

Let’s not list the various people and groups that have been accused or theorized of shooting JFK.

Is a convolution like these swirling around our president?  Is it a big leap of fate that the MOSSAD might conduct an operation against what they see as a mortal threat?   Can this operation be funded by Saudi Arabia? The Secret Service is tireless in it’s protection of the President.  The weakest link in the “Bubble” they throw around the president is when he steps on that helicopter.  Do you, like I find it evil genius to mount an attack on it?

With his poll number plummeting much like Lincoln and Kennedy, there are theories that he will be martyred by those in his inner circle or party to cement his legacy as ‘The Messiah”  of America.  Is it a big leap of faith to think that the same people that put him into office will take him out before he fucks things up beyond repair?


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