Immigration-The Bucket Theory

So if you’ve been following the latest in Congressional antics you know that they are crafting a Amnesty Bill for illegal aliens.

Isn’t that special.

The Bucket Theory

Picture a bucket being filled from a spigot. The water pouring in is the mass “migration” of illegals. The bucket is the United States. The water in the bucket are all those people who are living in the United States and Congress is proposing that they should be granted amnesty and made U.S. citizens.

Follow so far? Great.

So the bucket is full and that attracts the attention of Congress and they enact an Amnesty Bill. Poof! All the water in the full bucket are all legal U.S. citizens.

But water is still coming out of the spigot. Where does it go? Right. Spilling out of the full bucket.

With that image in mind. Does it make sense to grant amnesty to illegal aliens who live in this country before you stem the flow of additional aliens coming over our borders?

I didn’t think so.

Send this to your senator and congressional representatives before it’s too late.

Secure the borders.
Stem Immigration. Legal or not.
Then address the problem of all these guest workers.

If you don’t want to get involved, then start to teach your children and grandchildren Spanish.

They’re going to need it.

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