I Pick Some Olympic Moments

With London on the horizon let me offer some Olympic moments that I feel are the Greatest. It’s not always in the winning. So here in no particular order….

Derek Redmond (UK) at Barcelona 1992.

Shun Fujimoto (JAPAN) at Montreal 1976

Muhammad Ali (USA) at Altlanta 1996

Nadia Comaneci (Romania) at Montreal 1976

Jamaican Bobsled Team at Calgary 1988. They were the entire Jamaican Olympic team.

USA Hockey at Lake Placid 1980. Fuck Communism.

Jesse Owens (USA) at  Berlin 1936

Kerri Strug (USA) at Atlanta 1996

Joan Benoit (USA) at Los Angeles 1984

Mary Decker (USA) at Los Angeles 1984

John Carlos (USA) at Mexico City 1968

Rulon Gardner (USA) at Sydney 2000

Munich 1972

Yelena Berezhnaya and Anton Sihkarulidze (Russia) Read the whole story here.

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