Husband Kills Wife While Installing Satellite Dish

Robert Long of Deepwater, Missouri was installing his new satellite TV in his bedroom. He needed to drill a hole in the wall for the cable running from the antenna. But there was one problem. He did not have a drill.

Instead of a drill, Bob decided to use his .22 caliber handgun. He then fired the weapon from inside is bedroom.

Tragically his wife Patsy, 34 was standing outside and was struck fatally in the chest. Neighbor’s children saw Patsy get shot and went for help. She was given CPR by neighbors and family until medics arrived, police said. She was transported by air ambulance, but was pronounced dead at the hospital just after 6 p.m.

Bob thought she was inside with the kids.

Neighbor Mark Lassince said he believed it was a tragic accident.

“Bad things happen to good people,” Lassince said.

Patsy and Ronald Long were raising their children in their rural home overlooking Truman Lake.

“I was in the shower, and the son came in and told me his mom had been shot, so we went up there to see if we could help,” Lassince said.

Patsy Long worked as a carhop at a Sonic restaurant in Warsaw, Mo.

“She was a good person, you know, took care of her family,” Lassince said.

Henry County Prosecuting Attorney Richard M. Shields has yet to decide whether to prosecute Patsy’s death as manslaughter.

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