Hillary Loses Iowa

And they’re off an running! For real this time. As we bid a fond farewell to 2007 and the “pre-electioneering” the real primaries have started. Iowa has held it’s Caucus and it looks like Obama will be our next President. No need to consider the Evil Republicans. Why hold a national election? Iowa has Spoken!!!

Or so we have been led to believe by the News Babes on T.V.

The big news is that Hillary lost. Okay, third place isn’t exactly losing. But it’s definitely not winning. Isn’t she ordained to be the first woman President. Didn’t she have all that experience in the Clinton White House? Sadly she didn’t let out a Dean-Like screech. At least not in front of the news cameras. Remember, this is the Hillary that launched a vase at President-Elect Clinton when she found out she would not ride with him to the Inaugural and had to ride in the “women’s car” with Barbara Bush.

We she make a come back or flame out? Stay tuned for the next action packed episode.

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