Harry Reid Blasts Limbaugh for not Being Patriotic

You know that Star Trek episode (pick one) where the someone in the crew wakes up in an alternate universe? Yeah, that one. Well it happened to me this morning,

As a habit, I have the TV turn on to Fox News in the morning. So as I was wafting in from a Good Dream about Divorce Court, there was “Pinky” Reid blasting Rush Limbaugh for blasting callers to the Limbaugh show lying about being soldiers.

Talk about through the Looking Glass. Harry “Surrender Me” Reid was really upset about this and he should be. It is an old horse in talk radio to have a flaming liberal call in and say they are a “veteran against the war”. Rush threw a flag on the play and outed a particular caller and suddenly he was being denounced on the Senate floor by the Majority Leader himself.

Keep in mind that “Pinky” was not defending “Our Brave Soldiers”. Instead he was defending the Liberal Democratic tactic of Lying.

When I hear “Our Brave Soldiers”, I think of sweat soaked infantrymen blazing away in a fire fight or hugging their children on their return home. When “Pinky” says “Our Brave Soldiers” he’s talking about those brave liberals who risk everything by talking on a phone.

Here’s “Pinky”!

Rush Retorts!

“Phony Soldier”, Jesse MacBeth-

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