Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Q: What’s white and flies across the English Channel?
A: Lord Mountbatten’s tennis shoes.

Q:What do you call an Irish lesbian?


Q: What do you call the day when all the Irish skip work and spend the day drinking?
A: Tuesday.

Q: What’s two miles long and has the I.Q. of 12?
A: The Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

For years and years and years my Dear Father put money in his IRA, and for years and years and years I told him “Put your money in a fucking bank”.

Q:How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?


Q: What’s an Irishman’s idea of foreplay?

A: Crushing his cigar butt on her thigh and saying,” Brace yourself Bridgette..I’m coming.”

Where does an Irish family go on holiday?

A different pub.


What do you call an Irish fan at the World Cup?

What’s Irish and sits outside in the summertime?
Paddy O’Furniture.

British nursery rhyme: 1 potato, 2 potato 3 potato, 4! 5 potato, 6 potato7 potato, more!
Irish nursery rhyme: 1 potato! FUCK!

How many Irish does it take to change a light bulb?
Fuck it, we’ll drink in the dark.

I met a gay Irish couple the other day.
Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick .






Up the Rebels and keep those dirty little Protestant children off the streets.

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