Happy Halloween


Seriously…Happy Halloween.
Halloween is right around the corner and I Love it. I even got married on Halloween. It was a Addams Family Theme (well ….we were in Black).


Every year we would convert our porch to a mini haunted house and scare the shit out of the big kids.  Little kids got extra candy. We would even video tape it.




2004 was the best year. I dressed up as Death. We put Lissa’s head in a basket. Cue the scary music. Start the fog machine and wait for our first victims to arrive.  We put lace over her head and big candy bars in and around her basket.  Big brother (14)  led is baby sister (maybe 7, max) up to get candy from “Death”. While sister was standing there, big brother reached for one of the good candy bars. Lissa cocked her head up and said “Happy Halloween”.  The Kid said “SHIT!” and ran off the porch and down the street leaving baby  sister waaaay behind. She stood her ground. I lifted my mask, said it was okay and gave a great big fist full of candy.  Oh yeah, and a Hershey Bar.

Punkin Carvin’

Second best to dressing up and scaring folks we love to carve punkin’s.



The final entries, l. to r. Rosie, Dad, Andy.




See Rosie’s First Punkin’

See 2010 Punkin’ Contest





Maddog’s Tshirts and Stuff




2009- Mom’s Super Girl Rocked!


2008- Girl Scout Troop 23


2008- She was a vampire!!


















6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. i like the customs! the little girl is soo cuuteee:) is she a supergirl, or a vampire IRL?

  2. I like the vampire costume the best. It is simple but looks very real. The red lenses did a great job.

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