Forget Something?

I was going to do the annual post. Was. I got to thinking that not too many people remember and those that do don’t care. As 2010 comes to a close a national organization, established in 1958 is debating the possibility of disbanding. From a membership of 60,000, it has only about 3000 left.

For those of you who remember (and Honor) this day, Huzzah!! Spread the word. Tell the young kids. If you don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about, get to Googling.

I was making my weekly run to Wal Mart Saturday when I made a complete ass out of myself. As I hunted down children’s Tylenol I shared the aisle with this guy wearing a VFA-147 hat.

“What does VFA-147 fly?” I asked.
“It’s a Naval Fighter squadron”, guy wearing hat answers.
Maybe he didn’t understand?
“What kind of aircraft?”
“The F/A-18.”
“Cool. Do you fly them or fix them?”, I asked.

“My son flies the F/A-18. I served in World War Two”.

“Thanks for winning the War”
“My Dad was in The War  too”, I say. “What was your ship?”
I’ve learned that’s a kind thing to ask sailors.
He said, “Son, they didn’t let Black people serve aboard ships in World War Two.”
I think, “Oh Shit!”
I say, “That’s right. Did you load ammunition?” Let’s get that foot way to the back of my throat.
“No son, I fixed airplanes”. Then he walked away.
I so wanted to continue the conversation. To learn from him. But I just stood there with remnants of my foot hanging out of my mouth.

Rosie walked up and wanted to know why I was talking to the guy.

“He was in World War Two, he is Living History.”

“He looks mad”, Rosie said “Did you say something stupid?’

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