FNG Pranks in the Air Force

We have all sent the new guy to the tool room to get a bucket of prop wash or 100 feet of flight line.  But there are more elaborate pranks that still worked just fine.

The Voice Controlled Lite All

NF2 Portable flood light.

The NF2 portable floodlight is also universally known as a “Lite All”.  They are used to provide lighting on the parking apron.  In the old days, they were big enough that you could climb into one.  Those big ones were replaced by smaller versions because of incidents where some airman climbed into one to get warm and died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Our story has a happy ending.

George AFB about 1979 or 80.  We pulled this on the new guy and I SWEAR it wasn’t me.  The victim was told that they were to be trained on the operation of the Lite All.

“This is the NF2VC  floodlight unit. This is how you turn it on. First you have to activate it.”  Trainer flips a switch, in this case it was the control panel lighting switch.  Nothing happens, but a light comes on.

“Now all you have to do is say in a nice loud voice, LITE ALL ON!”

At this point the co-conspirator inside the Lite All starts the motor and flips the lights on.

“LITE ALL OFF!” and the unit chugs to a stop.


We let the FNG try it a couple of times, pronounce him “trained” and walk off with a quiet chuckle.

Then it got better.  The Swing Shift Expeditor comes on shift and starts driving the Expeditor Truck (a bread van).   It’s getting close to sundown and wants the Lite All’s turned on.  Our FNG volunteers.  After twenty minutes or so the Expeditor sees that none of the lights are on so he tracks down the FNG.  As he rolls up, the FNG is standing next to a Lite All screaming, “LITE ALL ON GOD DAMMIT!”  The NCO says, “What are you a retard? Get in the fucking truck”.   At this point we’re in the back of the van laughing our asses off.


Hahn AB, 1985- I report in and after meeting the Flight Chief, Msgt Ron “The Mad Russian” Krevico. He tells me to go out to the expeditor truck and meet the troops.  I get in the back of the Mercedes van and there are a few folks hanging out.  It went like this.

Me: “Hi, I’m Walt what’s your name?”


Me: “Hi Mike glad to meet you.”

“And what is your name?”


“And yours?”


I demand to see the next guy’s line badge and he hands it to me saying, “I’m Mike too”.

Over the years we pulled this a couple of times.  Along with the Mikes, we also had a set of Bobs and Jims.



7 thoughts on “FNG Pranks in the Air Force

  1. When working at Hickam AFB we had a static post. They would store items to be loaded on aircraft. We would tell the guard that the f18 pilot list his keys and you need to find them on the double. They would get frantic when they can’t find them.

  2. In early ’80s we were doing a check on the air data and pito probe on an F16. While a buddy was sitting in the cockpit, moaning, we had a very nice looking young airman blow into the end of the probe. It took her a while to figure out what was going on…

  3. Working on the F-117, an FNG prank was to tell them that the Aliens REALLY look like us but they eat strawberry ice cream with broccoli because it reminds them of home. They’d look around the chow hall and see at least two or three people with it on their tray. The braver ones would be seen eating it. It really isn’t that bad.

  4. Another one was to get the off the airplane and take them to lunch. At lunch we’d casually mention if they wanted to see Hangar 18. “THE Hangar 18? The one with the flying saucer? HELL YES!” Then we’d drive down to White Section and say, “There it is, right between 17and 19. Now go in and sweep it.”

  5. While I was doing an intake inspection on a F-4, Larry Sharp and Jeff Hofer got me good. From the cockpit Jeff yelled, “CLEAR TO START TWO!” Larry yelled “CLEAR!” and started the air on the -60 (not connected to acft).

    I came flying out the intake.

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