F-16 Tips Over….Twice

Eielson AFB, AK, February 7, 2003- F-16C, 90-0718. A maintenance crew was performing a hot oil servicing run following a phase inspection in front of nose dock 7. The aircraft traveled approximately 400 feet and came to a stop on the right wingtip, right main landing gear and nose landing gear.

The engine run troop inside the cockpit nor any other ground personnel were injured. The mishap is currently being classified as a class B due to undetermined damage to the wing structure. Costs are to be determined.

Subsequent investigation found that icy conditions on the tarmac allowed the wheel chocks to slip out when the aircraft was powered up.

As a note, this same aircraft tipped over again (on the same side) during a taxi mishap.

90-0718 Mishap 15 June 2007

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