F-16 Arrives at Oshkosh Airshow

OSHKOSH, WI-On  July 28th, 2011, an F-16C block 30 #87-0296 and pilot assigned to the 100th Fighter Squadron, 187th Fighter Wing at Dannelly Field, Ala. The pilot was number two of a two-ship formation on a training mission to the Air Venture 2011 air show at the Wittman Regional Airport when the accident occurred.

According to the report, the aircraft’s environmental control system caused extreme fogging that completely obscured the pilot’s visual cues and severely affected correct execution of normal landing procedures. The pilot applied the defog procedure without success. Without the necessary visual clues, the pilot did not apply adequate aerobraking which increased his landing distance.


Maybe he just came in hot, forgot to lower the flaps, forgot to deploy the speed brakes and fucked up.


The aircraft departed from the prepared runway surface and came to a rest approximately 300 feet into the grass infield. The pilot exited the aircraft unharmed. The aircraft damage is estimated at $5.4 million. There was minor damage to airport property, but there were no injuries or casualties.



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