Dr Pepper’s Numbers

Ever notice the numbers on the Dr Pepper logo. Yeah, it’s the old logo but I saw it on an episode of Mad Men and it got me thinking.  Marketed as the original energy drink hence the “pep” in pepper and healthy for you to boot. The Doctor part implied it’s health benefits and the punctuation was dropped from “Dr” for aesthetics. Research highlighted three points in the day when the human energy level drops. 10-2-4 were 10AM, 2PM and 4PM. the times of the day you were supposed to drink Dr Pepper to avoid the energy slump.

The 10-2-4 has been replaced by a mysterious 23. This refers to the 23 flavors which combine to make the unique flavor of Dr Pepper.



The 33 on a bottle of Rolling Rock Beer was originally a printers error. It refers to the 33 words in the original slogan. A printer’s note.  It has generated enough mystery over the years that the company left it in the label.

WD-40 stands for Water Displacement, 40th attempt. That’s how many tries it took Norm Larsen, a chemist, to concoct a formula that would prevent corrosion by displacing water.

Heinz 57. Contrary to public belief, the 57 in the Heinz 57 sauce isn’t about the ingredients. It isn’t about the varieties of relishes, condiments and sauces marketed by the Heinz Corporation. It isn’t about a damn thing.  In 1892, the company’s founder, Henry J. Heinz, made it up while riding the elevated train in New York City. When it was pointed out to him that his company produced 60 varieties, it is said he kept the 57 in the logo for “occult reasons”.







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