Donate to Us and Get Free Shit

As Loyal Readers know The Lucky Puppy has been our main source of income for a while now. Generous donations kept us from being homeless and we thank you. But I can’t lie, begging is depressing me and that’s why I’m a Disabled Veteran.
If you like the Lucky Puppy by all means, DONATE. But there are many other ways to help.

Buy some of our Swag. Our T-shirts are you best shot at getting fired, divorced or kicked out of School.
Not wearing T-Shirts anymore? How sad. So buy some artwork. Commissions are possible and you can have your very own Tail Number on your jet.

Art Prints

Still not on board? Donate and get free shit.
Hate Paypal? VERY Loyal Readers and Lucky Puppies can contact us (with a comment) and we’ll cough up a mailing address.

Did I mention I’m a disabled Veteran? Yep, sure am and have to keep rowing this boat until October when my VA payments show up without going homeless.

If everyone helps a little.
If everyone helps a little.


2 thoughts on “Donate to Us and Get Free Shit

  1. Thanks to my visits to the VA, I can impart to you the valuable professional advice they gave me for overcoming those moments of anxiety and depression. I shit you not, that when the therapist remarked that she thought I was displaying signs of depression, I asked her point blank, what her professional words of wisdom were for me to combat those feelings. She looked me in the eye and said, “Cheer up.” I instantly understood that the care I was getting was as effective as most military care that had gotten me there in the first place. Hang in there brother…

  2. Thanks Ken. You know all of the struggles we’ve been through. Right now were sliding into home trying to beat that throw from center field. August can’t come soon enough.

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