Disturbing Obama Family Picture Emerges

2 December, 2013The Free Patriot published an Obama Family picture that raises some disturbing questions.  If this doesn’t draw comments, I don’t know what will.

How fast would the cops show up if you posted a similar picture on your facebook? Hell, I’m a little nervous posting it here.  But what the Hell, our beloved president can do no wrong.  Right?

Like Ricky said, “Joo got sum explaining to do Lucy.”

But Wait a Minute

This picture is photoshopped.

Here is the original one.

Thank God! The Free Patriot has also reported that the Obamas are the most photoshopped family in history.  Not the parody ones that fill the Internets.  The “public” ones.  The FP went looking for records of the kids and found none. Go see for yourself.


One thought on “Disturbing Obama Family Picture Emerges

  1. Like none of the other presidents have been photoshopped. I don’t care he’s still a pig with a monkey wife.

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