Odd Facts About Disneyland

WALT DISNEY & VP NIXON — The Nixon family helps Walt Disney dedicate the Monorail at Disneyland June 1959.
On June 14, 1959, then Vice-President Nixon became the Disney Monorail’s first passenger.
Disney executives were so sure Hillary would be president they commissioned her head for the Hall of Presidents. When Trump won, they simply put a different wig on the head to present “President Trump”.
Evil Disney

There are no Fathers in Disney movies.

The Beatles broke up at Disney World. John Lennon signed the paperwork that disbanded the Beatles in 1974 at the Polynesian Resort.

The only times Disney has closed their doors were The National Day of Mourning for JFK, the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, September 11, 2001 and for the COVID19..

The Toy Story Characters used to drop to the ground whenever a guest would yell Andy is coming! but the practice was stopped when the joke became famous on the internet.

There are up to 200 feral cats roaming the parks in Disneyland, keeping away the mice and rats on the property.

THE SUITS- Disney has it’s own SWAT team. Known to park employees as, “The Suits”, they don’t wear suits. They wear black polo shirts with no logo. Yes, they are armed.

Disney is second only to the U.S Military for buying explosives in the United States.

Count the Jack Sparrows in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, there should be three. If you saw four, you may have actually saw Johnny Depp. He loves to stop by in character and hang on the ride.

Until 2001, Disney cast members had to share underwear. Many of the costumes require special undergarments, such as tights, bike shorts, or jock straps, and employees claimed that the items were not always clean when they were issued. Some cast members allegedly contracted lice or scabies from their skivvies. Disney did not comment on the situation other to say that they would accommodate their employee wishes, which they did. Cast members can now take their underwear home and wash it themselves.

For the first year the Disneyland Penny Arcade was open, there was real ammo in the shooting games.

In 1955, Intimate Apparel, aka the Corset Shop, aka The Wizard of Bras opened for business. It closed in 1956.

Wayne Allwine (the voice of Mickey Mouse) and Russi Taylor (the voice of Minnie Mouse) were married in real life.

If you are called a treasured guest, it means you are disruptive and the workers have been warned about you. Keep it up and you will be ARRESTED and put in the real Disney Jail.

Sometimes during the fireworks shows, it is a man dressed up as Tinkerbell.

Once and for all, Walt Disney is not frozen at Disneyland or anywhere else. He did have an interest in the technology, but he is in fact spending eternity at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, Calif.

Kurt Russell” was the last thing ever uttered by Walt Disney.

Walt Disney was a FBI informant.

It turns out that one of, if not the last thing Disney did before dying in 1966 was scrawl the name Kurt Russell(then a child star who had already signed with Disney) on a scrap of paper.


Guests have been killed on Disneyland attractions since the park’s opening in 1955. All the deaths (save the most recent) were the result of guests who apparently ignored safety instructions and/or defeated rides’ safety mechanisms. The Rivers of America is the deadliest with three fatalities.

In 1964, a 15-year-old boy was killed trying to stand up while on the Matterhorn bobsleds. He was thrown from the ride and died three days later.

Teenagers were killed 13 years apart (1967, 1980), both while trying to hop cars while on the People Mover. Ricky Lee Yama, 17, was crushed to death in 1967 and Gerardo Gonzalez, 18, was crushed and dragged by a car when he fell onto the track.

On a Grad Nite on June 8, 1966, 19-year-old Thomas Guy Cleveland from Northridge, California, was killed while attempting to sneak into the park by climbing onto the monorail track. Ignoring the shouted warnings of a security officer, he was struck by the train and dragged 30 to 40 feet down the track.

 In 1973, an 18-year-old man drowned after he and his little brother, who was 10, hid on Tom Sawyer Island until after closing and then tried to swim across when they wanted to return home. The older brother tried to carry his younger brother to shore but didn’t make it. He disappeared under the water about halfway across. The 10-year-old was rescued by a ride operator, but the older boy’s body wasn’t found until the next morning.

Deborah Stone

Deborah Stone was the first Disneyland Employee to die in the line of duty, July 1974. She was a greeter on America Sings. While testing the ride she was crushed between a stationary wall and a moving wall. The ride was closed for three days to clean up and install warning lights. No one was there to witness her death and she was discovered the following day when she failed to show up for work

On August 14, 1979, a 31-year-old woman became ill after riding Space Mountain. At the unload area, she was unable to exit the vehicle. Although employees told her to stay seated while the vehicle was removed from the track, other ride operators did not realize that her vehicle was supposed to be removed and accidentally sent her through the ride a second time. She arrived at the unloading zone semi-conscious. The victim was subsequently taken to Palm Harbor Hospital where she remained in a coma and died one week later. The coroner’s report attributed the death to natural causes: a heart tumor had dislodged and entered her brain.

On June 4, 1983, an 18-year-old man from Albuquerque, New Mexico, drowned in the Rivers of America while trying to pilot a rubber emergency boat from Tom Sawyer’s Island that he and a friend had stolen from a restricted area of the island during Disneyland’s annual Grad Nite. Both individuals were intoxicated at the time of the incident.

In 1984, Regena Young, known as “Dolly,” fell from her seat while riding the Matterhorn at Disneyland and was killed when she was struck by another oncoming bobsled. Her seatbelt was unbuckled, but we don’t know whether she undid it herself or whether it was the result of something else. The area on the track where Young died is known as Dolly’s Dip.

Dolly's Dip
This is Dolly’s Dip, where the ghost of Regena has been said to appear.

In 1998, Luan Phi Dawson, 33, and Lieu Thuy Vuong, 43, were waiting to board Columbia. As the boat docked at the Rivers of America, it tore a metal cleat loose, which struck both Dawson and Vuong. Vuong survived, but Dawson was declared brain-dead two days later.


In 2003, Marcelo Torres, 22, was killed on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad when the car he was on separated from the rest of the train. Torres was the only fatality, but several other passengers sustained injuries.

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July 4th, 2009. When safety features were overridden, Two monorails at Disney World collided head on and killed an operator. Seven other people were on the trains at the time but were not seriously injured.Click Here to read story.

That crash killed Austin Wuennenberg, who was piloting another monorail on that beam. Disney has already instituted new procedures, after being fined by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.


[ed note: A reader pointed out that there have been more deaths at Disneyland and that we’re not even paying attention to Disney World. We have made a distinction between deaths and “killed. Guests in poor health who die while in the park are not included.]

WTH…Here they are.

So, without further fanfare we proudly publish….

Deaths at Disney World

Due to an odd jurisdiction situation deaths at Disney World were not required to be reported prior to 2001.
In October, 1989 a woman was killed at Disney World when her jet ski collided with the jet ski driven by her daughter. She was pronounced dead in the water and rather than drag her body to a beach full of guests, her body was towed out and lashed to a buoy. The victim was brought ashore after dark when there were fewer guests to be shocked. Well…most of her. The fish had been feeding for hours.

February 11, 2004: A costumed Walt Disney World worker, Javier Cruz, 38, of Orlando, Fla., was killed after being run over by a float during an afternoon parade.

The brain eating parasite, Naegleria Fowleri was present in “Water Country at Disney World. In 1980, and 11 year old boy died from exposure at Water Country. But the park did not close the attraction. Disney closed Water Country in 2001. The Body Count at Disney World stands at: 3

Hidden inside the hollow Matterhorn ride is a basketball court. It’s part of an employee break room.

The sailing ship Columbia, which is supposed to be a replica of the first U.S. ship to circumvent the globe, actually was built in large part from the plans for the HMS Bounty, of mutiny fame. Disney’s shipbuilders couldn’t find plans for the original Columbia, so they relied heavily on those of Capt. William Bligh’s ship, which had similar dimensions.

ABC was one of the original financial backers and for years owned a share of the park. Now, of course, the Walt Disney Co. owns ABC.

As a teenager, actor and comedian Steve Martin worked in Merlin’s Magic Shop in Fantasyland.

An early Tomorrowland attraction was Monsanto’s House of the Future, made entirely of plastic. It had the requisite picture phone and other Jetsonsonian appliances, but the most-talked-about feature, according to Mouse Tales, was the microwave oven. “Nobody believed you could bake a potato in three minutes,” said attendant Dick Mahoney. Years later, when Disneyland tried to tear down the plastic house, the wrecking ball just bounced off.

On Star Tours, the short, squat robots you pass while waiting in line are the audio-animatronic ducks from the old America Sings attraction, with their feathers and skin yanked off. One still has webbed feet.

Late at night on rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World, amorous couples regularly try to make the Happiest Place on Earth even a little happier. They’re apparently unaware that virtually every inch of every ride is observed by security cameras or hidden employees. Sometimes they’re startled by a warning from a loudspeaker; occasionally they’re greeted at the exit by applauding employees. On a high school band trip in 1975, My girlfriend and I were interrupted by a booming voice yelling, “CUT THAT OUT!!!”. We did.

Both Disneyland and Disney World are two level structures. Magic Kingdom is actually the 2nd story of the park. The network of utilidoors have created ways for characters and ambulance to get around faster and unseen. When our High School band played Disneyland, we were given a tour of the underground and shown a few of the utilidoors. One let us leave Frontierland and enter the employee parking lot where we warmed up for the march down Main Street. When we marched in America on Parade we came out a utilidoor just to the right at the park entrance. This door leads directly to the Disney Corporate Building.

When it opened in 1967, Pirates of the Caribbean used real human skeletons as props. Because the original imagineering team felt that the fake skeletons of the period were just too unconvincing, the grotto sequence originally featured real human remains obtained from the UCLA Medical Center. The skeletons were later returned to their countries of origin and given a proper burial. Well, most of them.

Main Street is based in large part on the town of Marceline, Mo., where Walt Disney spent part of his childhood. A whistle stop on the old Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe rail line between Chicago and Kansas City, the town named a swimming pool and elementary school after its most famous son. The latter is the only place outside Disneyland authorized to fly the official Disneyland flag.

Ron Dominguez, the top executive from 1971 to 1994, grew up on one of the Anaheim orange groves purchased by Disney for the park. My house was right about where the grist mill on Tom Sawyer’s Island is now,he said. Mr. Dominguez spent his entire career at the park, starting as a ticket-taker on opening day and working his way up to the top spot. The names painted in gold leaf on second-story windows along Main Street are Disneyland’s Hall of Fame. They honor important people in the park’s history, usually with an inside joke. Mr. Dominguez’s window, for example, reads,

Orange Grove Property Mgt. – We Care For Your Property As If It Were Our Own.