Discovery Launches for Last Time

The Shuttle Discovery is on the launch pad and will make its 39th trip into space in about an hour. It will be the last flight of the spacecraft that holds the all time world record for space travel.

When she lands the Discovery will have:

1. Flown 143 million miles.

2. Had 246 people serve as crew members.

3. Spent 351 days in orbit.

5. Has completed 5,628 orbits of the Earth.

If you wondering, yeah, that’s more than enough for a trip to Mars.

For her last mission Discovery will  deliver a multi-purpose module and spare parts and storage capacity to the orbiting complex, a news release from NASA said.

Discovery will also transport Robonaut 2, the first humanoid robot in space.

America’s Manned Space Program will end with the next and last Shuttle launch when Atlantis goes up for the 135th flight.

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