Did the President Quit Last Night?

Did I just AGREE with Jon Stewart? Holy shit!

We didn’t get a President on Day One and we still don’t have one. But when Jon Stewart turns on Barry you’ve got to know that Obama is losing his Looney Left Base. It’s a given that Ideologue Obama will not compromise on spending cuts. Are you kidding? He wants the economy to disintegrate. He wants Capitalism to fail and die. Only then will his Marxist/Leftist/Progressive agenda of Hope and Change move forward (moveon.org ???). His Progressive minions in the Senate are still blaming Bush. Boehner and the RINO herd have yet to find their balls. Will someone step forward and be an adult and put America’s financial house in order?

My dog shows more leadership that Obama when she decides to shit outside.

Click here if Federal Censors have deleted the embedded video.

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