Curiosity Lands Safely on Mars

Mars 5 August, 2012- At 2233 HRS PST the NASA rover Curiosity  landed safely on Mars. At 50 million miles it was about 200 meters off target. About 30 minutes to touch down, controllers at the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Laboratory disconnected control of Curiosity. Becoming the ultimate in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Curiosity then flew herself to a perfect landing.

The rover is the size of a compact car equipped with all sorts of gadgets to allow it to explore Mars as a Geologist, a Chemist and a Biologist.  It’s two year mission will be to search and study evidence of water in the Martian past.

The robot is much more autonomous than it’s earlier sisters. JPL controllers will send “suggestions” to Curiosity as to where she should go.  It will be up to her to decide the best way to get there and controllers will monitor her reports of the mission.  Should she stumble upon signs of life she has a complete biological suite to determine once and for all if Life had ever been on the planet.

The price tag for the two year mission is 2.6 Billion dollars.




This is the Lucky Puppy so we celebrate this historic event in our own um…..idiom.

Curiosity finds signs of Life on Mars.


So here’s a challenge to all those photoshoppers out there. Use our blank picture below to make a sign of your own or let your imagination and skills fly. Send us what you make. We’d Love t.o see it

Use this one and let your imagination fly.

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