Congratulations . Now What?

America has spoken. President Obama will serve another four years.  Will someone who’s happy about that explain to me what they’re expecting the future to be.


Now that he has more “FLEXIBILITY” , what deal will the president make with Putin?

Obamacare will now blossom to it’s full potential.  Where are the doctors going to come from?

“Green” energy will continue to fail.  When the national energy grid collapses, where will the electricity to power your Prius come from?

What will you eat when it becomes too expensive to ship food to where you live? Watch carefully what’s happening in New York City.  Is that our future?

As Obama continues to monetize the Federal debt, how will you pay your bills when the dollar becomes worthless?

Honestly, will anyone in America really give a fuck if Israel is nuked off the map?

Jump on in with a comment if you have anything positive to say.

There is no sarcasm here. No double edged wit. This election has been more  polar than I can remember.  I want to believe.  What is the Hope that you who have supported the President have?

Do you think that America is the Greatest nation in the history of the World? If not why?

Am I mistaken thinking that the President of the United States should be more than just cool?

What did America win tonight?

Is our Constitutional government a relic of the past? Is individual liberty an illusion? Should scrap the Electoral College and elect politicians using the American Idol model?

Should we stop voting completely and let the government pick our leaders and let them serve for life.

I’m listening to the president give his victory speech.  I don’t believe a word he’s saying.

I guess I would if I were black.  Seriously.  I’m sitting here,  poor white trash and should be thrilled by what he says but his words ring hollow in my ears.  As I approach the Silver years of my life I should be looking forward to porch swings and grand kids and holidays filled with family.  But this administration does not fill me with that Hope.  Like a Dicken’s  Christmas yet to come, I see a cold room. Cat food and a government supplied needle to extinguish my light when I become a debit instead of an asset on some tax table.

What Hope?  What Change? Four more years of what?






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