Chris Young Scam

So the wife has been texting with “Chris Young”.  She’s a big fan and he is asking for her help.

But unfortunately, it’s a scam.  The phone number is (435) 557-0304.  Feel free to Google that and see what I found.

I texted with “Chris” for a bit.  Read on Loyal Reader….

They go left to right top to bottom…


Needless to say but I’m tweeting this to the real Chris Young so that he and his crew know about this bullshit.

One thought on “Chris Young Scam

  1. So, I know your wife’s experience and I do give my sympathy, I have countless of accounts by “Chris Young” all claiming to be him. Well, I try to do my research but it all starts to blend together and starts getting confusing. I would love to put all of these accounts out on blast so that maybe it can help stop all of this crazy madness. I Have never been into country but I did become a great fan of his thanks to the imposters situation. Youd like to think that the world is honest and not so cruel but truth is its evil and for people to pose as someone who has such a good trusting giving heart and to use it for thier own personal gain is the most horrific thing. Its saddens me to the core of my soul. Thanks for listening

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