Did You Get Infected in Las Vegas?

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Is that you? The city of Las Vegas shut down the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada last Friday after state health officials determined that six patients had contracted hepatitis C because of unsafe practices including clinic staff reusing syringes and vials. Nevada health officials are trying to contact about 40,000 patients who received anesthesia by injection at the clinic between March 2004 and Jan. 11 to urge them to get tested for hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV.

Do you know someone infected? I’ve got two people at work who have to get tested. Estimates are that’s a $450 blood test every three months for three years, the every six months for three years then once a year FOR LIFE.

Veterans get the test for free but who’s going to pay for the rest?

O.J. Simpson Arrested in Las Vegas

Well who’d a thunk? Apparently, The Juice robbed a couple of memorabilia sellers in their hotel room of the Palace Station Casino, right here in good ol’ Las Vegas. Here comes the good part…at gun point.

The facts as of yet are that Simpson accompanied by two men wheeling pistols went into the hotel room and forced the occupants to give them some of Simpson’s stuff. Simpson was quoted as saying that he was “Doing his own sting operation” to recover items “for his children”.

What items you say? Various items that Simpson was ordered to hand over as part of the settlement of his wrongful death civil suit. Including the suit he was wearing when he was found “Not Guilty” in the double murder trail.

Casino video has purportedly caught the robbers in the hotel hallway still brandishing the firearms and trying to carry all the stuff.

Simpson was questioned earlier and released and then was arrested Sunday. No bail was set.

Oh Boy! The Karma is finally going to hit the fan.

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