We look at some odd but true facts and some shenanigans about Gold. A nice lady mentioned that “Trump got our Gold back from the Vatican”, and we’re off and running.

Some facts

In the Congressional inquiry into the auditing of the Fort Knox gold, we were informed by the officials responsible for that gold, that the gold in Fort Knox and other depositories in the USA (261 million ounces) is now part of the gold reserve of the International Monetary Fund (the IMF). That is regardless of the fact the USA is in 17 TRILLION DOLLARS RUNNING DEBT AND 200+ TRILLION DOLLARS ACTUAL DEBT. ALL THE GOLD IN FORT KNOX AND OTHER USA DEPOSITRIES BELONGS TO THE IMF RIGHT NOW.

Relax, our Gold has always been safe and sound in Fort Knox. However someone else kind of owns it. It’s leased. When Texas asked the Federal Reserve for it’s Gold back, the Feds said it would take seven years. Many thought that long was ridiculous. Many made the accusation that the Feds had to go get the gold and put it back. No, the fact is that the Gold that Texas wants back is leased and it will take seven year for the lease to run its course and then it will be LEGALLY possible to move the Gold to Texas.

Did Trump get our Gold back from the Vatican. No, but he might have called the lease back. Think of you leasing a car and the leasing company wants its car back. Same idea. Not an once of Gold moved but it might have been LEGALLY transferred back to the US.

The video above mentions that currency is a Fiat. It’s worth is derived by the power of the Government. When i shop and hand a cashier a bill I ask them, “Do you accept these in leu of cash?” The Constitution grants Congress to mint coinage, not print money. In the U.S. currency became popular and many local banks issued notes redeemable in gold or silver at their branch. This led to chaos, your bill was worthless unless you had that particular bank within a handy distance. Before the Civil War, the Federal Reserve was founded creating a currency that was honored across State lines. It is a private bank that prints currency for the U.S. government. Since it’s not backed by Gold of Silver, they are intrinsically worthless unless the two people involved in the exchange that the paper has value.

These instructions are printed on each bill.

Long Live the Queen


As a long time Anglophile, this post has been a long time coming. When my first wife and I divorced, we didn’t argue about the kids, or the money. We argued about who got the Chuck and Di dolls. I was with my family, watching a AAA baseball game in Las Vegas when she died.

chuck and Diana dool

So without further ado, I present to Loyal Readers, some trivia of the House of Winsor. Some are true. Some are flights of humor. It will be up to you Loyal Reader to sort them.

  • The Royal Family is German.
  • The code word for the Queen’s death is LONDON BRIDGE.
  • Because Prince Charles is related to Vlad the Impaler, it is rumored that HRH is a vampire.
  • The wedding of Charles and Diana is the most viewed televised event in World history.
  • Princess Anne’s wedding cake was made by the Royal Army Caterer Corps.
  • During the London Olympics, Princess Anne presented her own daughter, Zara a silver medal.
  • Princess Anne is the only member of the Royal Family that has a criminal record.
House Rules
  • Two of Queen Elizabeth’s Aunts were diagnosed as an “Imbecile ” and an “Idiot”.
Katherine Narissa
Edward and Wallis
King Edward VIII abdicated the Throne to marry the commoner, Mrs. Wallis Simpson.
  • Wallis Simpson was both a commoner and a divorcee. Therefore, Edward was forbidden to marry her.
  • Prince Charles married the divorcee Camilla Parker-Bowles.
  • Prince Willian and Prince Harry have both married commoners.
  • It is rumored the the Queen approved marraige to commoners in order to “prop up” the Winsor gene pool.
Queen Elizabeth II
  • Queen Elizabeth wears garish colors so that her security detail can easily see her.
  • The Royal Armor Group provides security for the Queen and Royal Family.
  • The RAG has a color code for the Queen’s clothing that determines her current mood.
Diana Alive in Crash
Diana was assassinated on orders from the Queen.