Calling All Moms

Calling all Moms.  Comm check how do you read?  A Loyal Reader has pointed out that this site just might be NOT MOM FRIENDLY.  Wow? Who’d a thunk?  I thought I was doing a real good job of being Mom Friendly.  Who else has a section of their site dedicated to Jokes About Men?

I personally like Moms and have actually married two of them.  I see a Mom out with her kids and always think “She has said yes to sex [insert number of children present] times.  Or at least didn’t say “no” loud enough.  Single women have all that energy and stuff. You can get worn out chasing them.  Single Moms are already pooped out chasing their kids.  Plus at the bar, Single Moms are more mission oriented.  You can blow an hour and a fortune in drinks on singles.  Moms have a babysitter at home and the meter is running.  They’re up, out, down and home.  “Thank you sir, may I have another?” You gotta respect that.

But I digress.  Check out the “TAGS” section on the right.  Note the word “KIDS”. Clicking that leads you to a wonderland of kid centered parenting type stories that Moms really relate to.

So there.

But maybe I should have a tag that says MOMS?  Should I?  Are there more things on The Lucky Puppy which might be considered “Mom Friendly”.  If you have some examples pop them into the comments section.

Over in our Gallery we have the CAT SECTION. Moms love cats.

I gonna just throw in a couple of pictures while I think about what to say next….

Oh yeah..last but not least…

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