Boeing 777 Crashes at SFO

San Francisco- An  Asiana Airlines Boeing 777  flight 214 with 307 souls on board crashed on landing.  The crew had declared an emergency and was cleared to land.  Initial videos show that the aircraft had a ramp strike on the approach end over run.  Witnesses also said a wing tip struck a vehicle that was at the end of the runway.  Then the tail fell off and the aircraft spun as it departed the runway.


Flight 214 originated at Seoul, South Korea after a twelve hour flight.

Passengers hauling ass off the aircraft.
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The aircraft had 307 passengers and crew aboard at the time of the crash.  At this time two are listed as dead and 181 were taken to local hospitals with injuries.

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    The approach speed was below the target speed of137.
    Seven seconds from impact a call in the cockpit called for an increase of speed. Four seconds before impact the stick shakers activated. At 1.5 seconds prior to impact a call to go around was made.
    Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia, both 16, were were the two fatalities. Their bodies were found having been ejected from the aircraft.Teacher Ye Lianjun told Chinese television that there were 34 people traveling in the Jiangshan Middle School group — five teachers and 29 students.

    The president of Asiana Airlines has apologized for the crash.

  2. The pilot in command had over 10,000 flying hours but this was his first time landing a 777.

    One of the fatalities may have been hit by the rescue truck.

  3. Pilot interviews reveal Auto-Throttle was turned off for one pilot but turned on for the other.


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