Bluegrass Music in Las Vegas

You know it’s going to be a Great Date when she says, “Wake up. Get dressed. We’re going.”
God blessed us with tickets to the Join us for a night with Remington Ryde and Friends on Monday March 7th, 2016 at the Starbright Theatre. Sponsored by Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society, the show starts with “Frequent Flyers” taking the stage at 6 pm and then “Out of the Desert”.
Jamie and I had seats at front row center!

Photo: Sharon Silver
Photo: Sharon Silver

Remington Ryde closed the show with high octane bluegrass. 2015 SPGBMA Nominee’s for Best Vocal Band and Best Fiddle Player, Greg Spanky Moore. This band hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and is one of the top festival groups in the country.
At the meet and greet after the show Billy Lee Cox (Banjo) told me he knew I had a good time.

If you want to hear more Bluegrass or even cut in and play with locals click the link below for tickets, times and places.


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