Barry Sanders Shows TOTAL Ignorance of the US Military

Barry Sanders posted on the Huffington Post a rather entertaining piece criticizing The U.S. Military about how “green” it is. The ignorance displayed in the article is stunning to say the least. Does anyone in the media do research anymore?

I’ll grant you that the DoD uses a lot of gas. Tanks, aircraft, ships, trucks etc. etc. On the positive side, they recycle almost everything possible. Try throwing a printer cartridge in the trash. They monitor their environmental impact like Nazis. For example, at the Air Force Base I work at, we cannot use soap on the vehicle wash rack because it will put soap in the water system. Through the MSDS program, the storage, use and disposal of hazardous chemicals are monitored right down to the Windex for the bathroom mirrors.

Oh yeah, smoking is prohibited in any building used by the DoD. So there!

I don’t even understand why the comments about Navy SEALs are in context with subject of the piece. Throw in a shot at Blackwater and the obligatory “Bush is Bad” diatribe.

I call on readers to comment on any other stupidity they’ve noticed in the article. Please comment.

Read the article here.

A Sample of Sanders’ Inaccuracies:

The USS Independence was decommissioned in 1998, four years before the voyage to the Gulf that Prof. Sanders recounts with such impressive detail.

The F-111 and F-4 combat aircraft were removed from the inventory two decades ago.

The CVN USS Abraham Lincoln only has “guns” for air defense. Since there have been no air attacks on her the ordnance expended by her “guns” is zero.

The Apache helicopter is flown exclusively by the US Army not the US Air force.

“Of all the branches, the Air Force uses the most fuel.” Sorry Barry, I think the Navy has us beat on that “factoid”. Ever try to gas up a destroyer?

To sum things up, you’re full of shit Barry.

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