Babies Rent and Potato Salad

What do people donate money to?  Why do people donate?  Here’s my take on it.


Loyal readers of this blog know that I’ve been trying to raise money now for a couple of months. So far friends and family have kicked in. If you pay attention to the sidebar over there on the right you’ve probably noticed that my kids are trying to raise some money as well.  While I’ve been trying to make this website a moneymaking proposition because I have a burning desire to pay taxes and paying rent the kids are trying to adopt a baby.

I totally support their efforts because let’s face it I want to be a grandfather, they will make the best parents ever and some lucky kid gets two people who will love them unconditionally. If it’s a battle between me trying to pay bills and their adoption I pretty much concede that they’ve got a better reason to donate.


Now let’s talk about potato salad.  Over on, Abby, daughter-in-law extraordinaire and future mom came across a guy raising money for potato salad.  Come on, potato salad? This guy has raised over 40 K in an effort to make potato salad. For a two dollar donation Zack will give you a hearty “Thank you very much”.  For a $20 donation you will receive a potato-salad themed haiku written by Zack, your name carved into a potato that will be used in the potato salad and a signed jar of mayonnaise.


1. If you’re not afraid to have your name blasted across the Internet, donate to the Lucky Puppy right now and brag about in the comment section below.  If you have already donated, brag about that too.  You have to do it because I won’t out you. You can rest assured knowing your money will go to the rent, the child support, the cell bill, food, the folks at Direct TV and the occasional pack of smokes.


2. Not feeling it? Okay, donate to the Team Chamberlain Adoption Fund.  When you do, feel free to mention the Lucky Puppy and that we talked you into it.


3. I realize that some of you might want something to show for your money so buy this shirt and I will donate to Team Chamberlain for you whatever I make off of the sale.


Click now. Click,click,click.


4. So by now you’re thinking that donations aren’t your thing and neither are babies and you’re thinking about potato salad.  Fuck that.  We have tons of stuff on Cafe Press.  Buy a shit load of stuff and Cafe Press will send us a check for you.


5. You’re still not moved into action?  Share the shit out of this post on social media you heartless bastard and someone else will do the heavy lifting.









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