Dallas Cowboys Fan

Dallas Cowboys, the American Team.  I have been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys since the 80’s.  I lived in Phoenix, Arizona.  My Father was from Chicago and loved the Chicago Bears.  My brother liked the Miami Dolphins.  My Mother liked the Dallas Cowboys also.

When Arizona got the Cardinals from St. Louis, they kept the name Cardinals, even though Arizona does not have the bird, Cardinal in the state.  They made the tickets so expensive no one could afford to go to the games.

My husband, Walter Chamberlain, loves the Beloved New England Patriots.  They suck!  Every time he makes a snide comment about the Cowboys, I want to hit him over the head with a baseball bat.  Heaven forbid, I say anything negative about the Patriots.

I was never really into football unless the Cowboys were playing, until Fantasy Football came about.  Then I was hooked.  It was great fun.

We would like to start a new Fantasy Football season this year, but no one wants to join our team.  Of course, my team in Fantasy Football is the Dallas Cowboys.

I have loved the Cowboys since January 15, 1993, when Dallas won the Superbowl against the Denver Broncos.  Also Dallas won the Superbowl on January 31, 1993 against the Buffalo Bills.  Those games were awesome.

I don’t care if they lose or win.  I just love to watch them play.  Every time a player gets injured, I feel bad.  Every time a referee makes a bad call I want to throw something at the television.

I am not ashamed to admit I am a Dallas Cowboy fan.  My husband got me for my birthday, an Emmit Smith jersey.  I loved it! He is the best husband.

It is okay if you don’t like the Dallas Cowboys.  Sometimes, on Facebook, someone makes a negative comment about the Cowboys and I threaten them with unfriending them if they continue.

I know I am entitled to my opinion.  If you agree or disagree it is okay.