Airline Names

Many people don’t know why airlines are named what they are. Here are some examples:

TWA: Travel with Arabs
DELTA: Don’t even let them aboard.
DELTA: Doesn’t ever leave the airport.
RENO AIR: Rarely early, never on time. Always in Repair
ATA: Alcoholics Transporting Alcoholics
QANTAS: Quite A Nice Trip, Any Survivors?
QANTAS: Queers and Nancy Types as Stewards.
LUFTHANSA: Let Us Fuck The Horses, As No Stewardesses Available
BOAC: Bloody Old and Careless
JAL: Japan Arrives Late (Like Dec 7, 1941)
PSA: Probably will Stay Airborne.

In 1966, PSA offered a Las Vegas getaway for aircrew members wherein the girls crossed of “Pure” and “Sober” from their badges.

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