Airbus Pilots Having Trouble Falling Asleep

Complaining that the Airbus 380 is too quiet, pilots are not able to sleep during their rest periods. Every flushing toilet, crying baby and ironically every snoring passenger can be heard. As if that weren’t bad enough, the pilots have to deal with passengers rapping on the door of their sleeping quarters because they often mistake it for a lavatory. That’s Emirates’ fault, though. Airbus typically puts crew quarters behind the cockpit, but Emirates nixed that idea so it could maximize room for its opulent first-class cabin. The airline also didn’t want the crew bunks in the cargo hold, because it thought that might be claustrophobic. With no other options, Airbus put the crew quarters at the back of the plane.
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One thought on “Airbus Pilots Having Trouble Falling Asleep

  1. I had the opportunities to fly Emirates Air. It was very, very quiet.

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