Adobe Flash Not Working for You?

Let me guess.  You’ve updated your Adobe Flash and your Zanga still aren’t really working as well as you want.  Here’s what fixed my problem.


The wife talked me into playing Farmville 2 (which is waaaay better than the old Farmville) but she was flying over there on her lap top.  Her little avatar was running her ass off and she had FULL SCREEN mode.  Meanwhile My little farmer was taking his sweet time wandering around the farm and taking too many breaks.  I didn’t have a full screen icon on Farmville 2.  I’m 64 bit and she had 32 bit on board so I was perplexed.

Here is the Fix I Found

  1. Find a video to watch. YouTube has a bunch of them.
  2. Right click on any video.  Select “Settings”.
  3. Click the display icon.
  4. Enable “Hardware Acceleration”.
Make sure you check this box.
Make sure you check this box.

I checked the box and reloaded Firefox and “BAM”, Farmville was golden.  This simple fix has fixed all of my loading problems.  Try this and tell me what happened in the Comments.





One thought on “Adobe Flash Not Working for You?

  1. Well tried what you suggested, but not doing any better for me. Guess I need you to come fix it.

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