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ERROR CODE 404. Page not found. If you have read this far we also have to tell you that this is a parody 404 site for www.luckypuppy.net. Please use your back button to return to our site. Great Joke! Ha ah ha ah ha! Yuck yuk yuk. We funny guys. All Rights reserved luckypuppy.net 2012. The coming storm swirled the clouds around like cotton candy. Candy could feel the wet sand of the beach squishing through her toes. It was cold wet sand on her back as she lay down before him. Candy moaned softly as Rock gently bit into the warm moisture of her womanly treasures. Rock’s attentions forced her to long for a good pounding with Rock’s pulsing pillar of premium pork. Some day, somewhere, some how she will have to find Brad’s forgiveness. But now, all she could

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