313th TFS/AMU-We Lost Friends

On this Memorial Day I would like to point out that we lost friends before it was on CNN.  Wolf Blizter never lamented our loss.  On FOX, Bill O, Reilly never called them patriots.   We mourned and buried our dead without fanfare.

Before Enduring Freedom.  Before Iraqi Freedom. Before Desert Storm.  We were fighting.  It was the Cold War.  For not a “Shooting War” our body count stacked up.  Many were lost on “Routine Training Missions”.  Even more were lost in car wrecks, alcoholism, depression, cancer and more.

We Lucky Puppies are a Band of Brothers and Sisters.  We’ve lost our share.

On my first day in Germany, while reporting in, we drove to base in a snow storm.  Traffic was rerouted into a farmer’s field.  A young  First Lieutenant had hit black ice while trying to pass.  The pilot had died when he hit an on coming truck head on.







1980s: Capt. Mike “Seed” Caraway, 313th TFS, F4 crash

1980s: Capt. Greg Collman, 313th TFS, F4 crash

1980/81: Capt. Bill Davey, 313th TFS, F-111 crash, RAF Upper Heyford

1988: Capt. Mike “Mikey” Crandall, 313th TFS, F-16 mid-air with other F16 at Bodenheim, Germany.
Mikey is at the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


1994: Capt. Bob “Face” Abraham, 313th TFS, Crash in Air Combat.

2004: Capt. Mark DeCesari, 313th TFS, heart attack.


2006: Capt. Mike “Fess” Parker 313TFS, cancer.


















2011: Msgt Robert Coble 313 AMU cancer.




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  1. Decesari was in the 389th at Mt Home too, and he was one of the 17th pilots grounded during Desert Storm for strafing Republican Guard trenches at low level after General Horner raised the flight level to 19K.

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