Get in on our version of the game Deadpool.

Traditional Deadpool is played by picking 12 people in January that you think will die in the coming year.  We here at the Puppy have been mulling over ideas on how to play with Loyal Readers.  Literally, years.  Thanks to the good folks at Super Politically Incorrect, I’ve come up with an idea.


1.Readers can nominate a celebrity to be placed on the card.

2. If  a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal pattern of five or the Four Corners are dead, a completely new card will be generated. The game ends at midnight on New Years Eve and a new card will be generated.

3. If they’re dead, they’re dead.  You can’t nominate someone for that space.

4.They have to be not only merely dead, but really most sincerely dead! No rumors.

5.You can’t nominate someone who is already dead, that’s cheating.

6.You can nominate one person at a time.  If you’re spamming, we’ll take your first pick and laugh at the rest of them.

8.You can only nominate someone in the comment section below.  For the purposes of this game you cannot use our facebook comment feature.

9.I reserve the right, in my unchallenged opinion to change the rules whenever I get a wild hair up my ass.

10.I determine who does and does not get placed on the card.  You can argue.  But I’ll argue back.  May the best comic win.

11.You are strongly encouraged to share this post on social media.

12. The is no Rule Seven.

Go ahead and bookmark this page.  I’ll only update the card from here. The version will be the number in the top left corner.


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