Rosie Does Improv

Rosie is in Rimprov this year.  She invited me to come see.

So I did.

Rehearsed Improvisation (Rimprov) is exactly that.  Improv that has been rehearsed.  “That’s impossible”, you say?  Nope.  Rimprov is a method whereby the cast is given a premise, a setting or a story.  They then improvise within that constraint. There is no script for each performance.  Rehearsing the Improv then lets the actors refine how they will perform.  Still not feeling it?  Pick a sports team. They practice all week long for the game on Friday night.  But when Friday comes the game has no script.  They rimprov.

Rosie is a Junior at Odyssey High School.  Parents were invited to come see what they do in their Rimprov class. Seating was very limited so only one parent could attend.

I showed up late because of a wonderfully spectacular car wreck.


When I got to the office I said, “I’m late for Improv” and they buzzed me through. When I got to the classroom the performance was already in progress. Myself and a couple of similarly slacker late parents huddled at the door. We were told to wait for a break in the action.  When a break appeared I bolted through the door.  Wrong.  It wasn’t, it was a pause.  I suddenly found myself on stage with the kids and a monster was mentioned so I growled.  This startled the “Monster”.  But hey, it’s improv.

I took a seat.

The rimpov in progress dealt with a diamond, a pineapple, cash and  monster. The teacher Ms Lommen was the narrator and the students imroved the story as she read.

As the performance moved on we were presented with various skits that were funny, dramatic and very avant-guard.



Welcome to Improv!

( Rimprov)

Yea!  Welcome aboard the Good Ship Improv!  This high energy class is about using imagination to form and express thoughts, feelings, and characters.

The experience and knowledge that you gain from participating in improv class will enrich you in many unique ways. Some of the common benefits are:

  1. Increased Confidence.
  2. Improved Public Speaking Skills.
  3. Enhanced Acting Abilities.
  4. Gained Comfort in Social Settings.
  5. Refined Brainstorming Abilities.
  6. Improved Listening and Observation Skills.
  7. Enhanced Creative-Thinking Abilities.
  8. Improved Decision-Making Skills.
  9. Team Development Skills.


Thinking of placing your child at Odyssey?  This was me six years ago.  I’m very pleased with the results.


If you wish to explore the opportunity of the hybrid home schooling that Odyssey Charter School provides click on the link.

Click it to buy it.

Tremble: your whole life is a rehearsal for the
moment you are in now. –  Judith Malina

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