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The Secret Code on Your DD Form 214

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So you got an Honorable Discharge from the Military.  So what?  You need to double check it to see if you’ve been fucked over.

Are you a veteran?  Been having a hard time finding good employment?  Have you been told you have to wait a year to see a specialist at the VA hospital?  There is a secret code on your DD Form 214 that everyone but you know about.  Employers like Boeing, Honeywell, General Dynamics and many more have been provided the codes that they use to determine if you get hired.

Watch this video and I’ll have more afterwards.


By now you’re saying, “That’s not me.  My DD214 doesn’t have that code.”

Look again Sports Fan.  The SPN code discussed on the videos apply to Veitnam Era discharges.  They were replaced by newer codes.

Look at Blocks 26 and 27

Those are my codes.  MCB is “Early separation- Special Separation Program”  3S is “Special Separation Program”.  It means I took the Special Separation Bonus when I elected to separate in 1992.  The codes also bar me from reenlistment or federal employment with the caveat that if I find a federal job or reenlist (in say, the National Guard) I would not accrue pay until I paid back the $50,000 Bonus.  That’s including the tax taken out.


BLC – Homosexuality

BLF – Drug use

DFS – Good of the Service, conduct triable by court martial

FCM – Concientious Objector

FDF – Pregnancy

GHJ – Unsuitability (Reason Unknown)

GKE – Financial Irresponsibility

GLH – Lack of Dependent Support

GLJ – Shirking

GLK – Unsanitary Habits

GMF – Sexual Perversion

GMG – Alcoholism

HLB – Discreditable Incidents – Civilian or Military

JDG – Parenthood

JKB – Civil Court conviction

JRA – Engaged, attempted to engage or solicit another to engage in a homosexual act

JRB – Admission of Homosexuality or bisexuality

JRC – Marriage or attempted marriage to a person known to be of the same biological sex

KBD – Retirement – 20 – 30 Years Service

KFB – Minority

KNL – Good of the Service

LFF – Directed by service authority

JFU – Positive Urinalysis


But not all of them.  It took a little Googling for me to find mine. YOU HAVE FIVE YEARS FROM TIME OF DISCHARGE TO CHANGE THIS CODE IF YOU NEED TO.



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  • walt313 March 8, 2016, 07:02

    Add Veteran’s Disability Payments to the list of money you lose.

  • Aparc June 1, 2017, 20:49

    Mine skips boxes 25-27? So i have no actual code I guess.

  • Anonymous January 15, 2018, 19:43

    I was discharged in 1978, and I didn’t find out about this code on my dd 214. Mine says character disorder. Guess I can file for disability payments, then.

  • walt313 January 15, 2018, 21:36

    Give it a shot but beware. My disability is for depression and the VA took away my ability to manage my own money. Which I do very well. They asked if I pay my bills as well as I think I should. My dumbass said “No”. BAM! Financially Irresponsibility. They didn’t ask the follow-up question, “Why?” If you lose $85,000 of income, you try to pay your bills. Fuckers.

  • Paul February 5, 2018, 10:48

    When President Ford, granted the Pardon, “clemency ” for the offense of AWOL, for a less then Honorable, was any other stipulation attached to that Pardon? Working with a Veteran, and the VA, refuses to honor, said Pardon.
    Please advise.

  • Walt February 25, 2018, 14:35

    My father-in-law ran the Army Discharge Review Board in the early 80’s. He said that they were overruling 80% of the BCD’s they saw. But these were VD BCD’s from World War Two. Contact the Discharge Review Board of your Branch of Service.

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