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Tennessee Lady Vols Outraged

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The Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball team have shown outrage in Don Imus calling them “Cute”. Spokeswoman for the team stated, “We’re not cute and are hurt by the reference”.

We tried to contact the Reverend Al Sharpton to get his views on this slanderous comment on Women’s College Basketball. Sharpton was unavailable for comment.

Coach Pat Summitt dresses like a cheerleader

Go Lady Vols!!!


NCAA women’s basketball final:
Tennessee 59, Rutgers 46

If you’re slow on the uptake, the Lady Vols beat Rutgers to become the National Champions. That’s the real headline to the story, NOT this hoohaa about what Imus said. The Rutgers team come off as sore losers. Maybe they got beat because they played liked Nappy-Haired Hos.

Congratulations to the Lady Vols, truly ladies. Shame on Rutgers for stealing the spotlight.

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